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Our Goal

Creating Unique Amusement Rides which give the user, never before experienced levels of pleasure delight and thrill.



  • Provides latest techonology for setting up the amusement park
  • Provides the concept and visualization of the park
  • Helps in setting up your amusement park projects
  • Supplies latest amusement rides everytime you want
  • Training rides operators
  • Maintenance and supply of spares

Corporate Philosophy

The company's corporate philosophy is to provide technologically sound Hi-tech amusement to the people which varies with the time and for this purpose the company uses the latest technological innovations which are up-graded constantly in the Research & Development Department established by it for this purpose. The Amusement rides are manufactured at its state-of art plant at Valsad, Gujarat and the rides adhere to BIS Standards. Quality Control features and safety of the passengers are the main concern while designing the amusement rides.
Rides and thrills are also given equal importance.


Power is available in abundance at Valsad. The plant employs 150 full time highly trained and qualified works at the plant. The unit is located on 39000 sq mtrs (10 acres) of land on the National Highway.

The company has on its payroll professionals from different fields of activity like Mechanical engineers, Electrical and electronics engineers, Architects, Designers, Finance Professionals who assists in designing and developing the concept of the amusement part from initialization till its final completion.

The rides are designed and developed in the in-house Research & Development department. During the manufacturing process the rides are subjected to stringent quality control procedures and the customers are actively encouraged to personally test the rides at the plant before it is dispatched to the site for installation.

Constant post installation support is provided to the customer and training is imparted tot he operators in proper operational procedures.

Parkash Vikem is proud to claim that it does not have a marketing department. In fact it never had one. Satisfied customers are its best marketing team. Business is generated from the recommendations of satisfied customers.

Technology and automation is the key word at Parkash Vikem. Parkash Vikem is now ready to compete in the International Market and seeks to play a dominating role in the Amusement Market.